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Client side api

I'm designing an add-on for this competition. In my add-on I want to display other user add-ons based on filter criteria. I can retrieve these add-ons on the server side by using getAddOns request, but is there a way to display them on the client side by some Javascript or PHP api?
Thanks in advance,


  •   •   about 11 years ago

    Hi Maxim,

    Nice to hear that you are building an add-on. Very neat idea the idea of doing an add-on filter, but I want to clarify that with getAddOns you can only get information about the add-ons developed by you.

    Were you thinking of listing add-ons that were developed by others as well? If you share with me some more details about the idea, I can see if we can accommodate the APIs to do that.

    - Bel

  •   •   about 11 years ago

    Hi Bel,
    We are working on something very exciting that in some aspects even bigger than just an add-on and could be a good extension to the Lemon application. I will be glad to share the idea with you but for clear reasons I would prefer to not do it on the public channel. If you can drop me an email to maxim.donde@gmail.com I will be glad to send you a description of what we're working on.
    Best regards,

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