What is Lemon?

Lemon Wallet is a mobile app that allows you to store a digital copy of your cards like IDs, insurance, loyalty or payment cards so you can access them whenever you need. Lemon process your cards in a smarter way with real-time balance updates, special offers and a simple way to interact with brands and merchants.

What is Lemonade?

Lemonade is a suite of tools that make it possible to create add-ons to Lemon and integrate with a user’s digital wallet. Lemonade includes Lemon APIs as well as the SmartCard Wizard. Also, the Lemonade Data Dashboard offers publishers detailed analytics on who is using the add-ons.

What is the Lemonade Challenge?

We invite all the developers, designers, creators and dreamers out there to be part of the mobile wallet r/evolution by creating add-ons to Lemon using Lemonade. The Lemonade Challenge will find the top apps and reward them with sweet prizes.

Who’s eligible to participate in the Lemonade Challenge?

The Lemonade Challenge is only open those who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry, except officers, directors, stockholders, and employees of Lemon or any other party associated with the development or administration of this challenge, and the immediate family (i.e., parents, children, siblings, spouse) of and persons residing in the same household as such individuals.

How do I get started?

Participating in the Lemonade Challenge is easy:

  1. Get a Lemon API key here
  2. Create a mobile-optimized URL that leverages the Lemon APIs. For an example, check this guide out.
  3. Complete your add-on using the SmartCard Wizard.
  4. Submit your add-on through this page

What can I do with Lemonade?

The sky is the limit, but here are a few ideas to get you inspired. Also, be sure to check out our step-by-step guide on how to create an add-on to Lemon — integrating with Lemon is easy.

Who retains the intellectual property rights to the add-on I developed?

You do. By submitting an add-on to the Lemonade Challenge, you are allowing Lemon, Inc., ChallengePost and partners to promote and publicize your submission.

Can I monetize my add-on?

Add-ons are simply a mobile-optimized URL loaded within the Lemon application. Since you have full control of the contents and design of this URL, you are allowed to incorporate paid features. In addition, ads are not forbidden, but we reserve the right to reject apps that focus more on monetization than creating value for users.

Can I enter more than one application?

Yes. There is no limit to how many unique applications an eligible person or organization may submit. Also, an individual may join more than one team.

Do the submitted apps have to be newly created for this competition, or can they be pre-existing applications adapted to utilize the Lemonade API?

Submissions may be pre-existing applications provided they comply with all of the requirements outlined in the Lemonade Challenge Rules.