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Sandbox users

Can I login to the Lemon app using my sandbox users? And as a sandbox user, can I take a picture of a receipt and will the Lemon platform process the line items? I am trying to understand how the platform works, but it seems like I have to go pro to test out the functionality I want my app to take advantage of...Is there a way to get access to the pro features with my sandbox users?


  •   •   almost 11 years ago

    yes, you can login into the App using the Sandbox user info. you can scan them and process them too. Also you can use the same info to log into the lemon.com website and see the receipts info.

    I am still waiting to find out if a sandbox user can be turn to PRO. I asked the question couple days ago.

    I hope this helps.

  •   •   almost 11 years ago

    Hi Richard and Robert,

    Thanks a lot for being interested in Lemonade!

    Right now, Sandbox users have access to all free functionality. You can login (via the web or via the apps) and use your Sandbox account just like a normal Lemon account.

    If you would like to take advantage of the paid features for the integration, please email lemonade@lemon.com requesting access to a PRO account.

    Thank you,
    - Bel

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